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About Us

Prince George’s Property Owners Association, Inc. Mission

The Prince George’s Property Owners Association, Inc. (PGPOA) was organized to serve the community of owners of scattered site and multi-family rental housing in Prince George’s County, Maryland, particularly in College Park, Maryland. The goals are to promote safe, affordable housing to tenants. PGPOA attempts to bring all rental housing to a higher standard of maintenance and management.

A small group of College Park property owners, who gathered regularly in the nineties, defeated the “Mini-Dorm Ordinance” (Kirsch v. Prince George’s County, filed on 7/8/92 with the Court of Specials of Maryland) which was a zoning bill enacted by the PG County District Council on 11/28/89. This was a landmark case proving students deserved equal protection under the law.

 PGPOA became incorporated in 2004 and remains a clearing house for the dissemination of management advice, maintenance advice and related information to its members. PGPOA, as it is nicknamed, conducts meetings with speakers offering advice on various management, maintenance, environmental and safety topics, then makes available the information from prior speakers to its members and to the general public. This information assists the owners in providing safe, affordable housing and helps raise the standards for rental housing in College Park, Prince George’s County, MD.

PGPOA serves as the organizer of Plaintiffs in litigation, which preserves and protects property rights and fosters safe, affordable rental housing.

PGPOA is funded by dues paid by its members. The association collects contributions for litigation to protect and preserve the property rights of its members and others. No officer or director of PGPOA receives a salary or compensation at this time. All of the dues are used to fund the activities of the organization. PGPOA disseminates information to the owners of rental housing in the College Park, Maryland area about changes and proposed changes to regulations and laws affecting the operation of scattered site and multi-family rental housing.

PGPOA testifies at legislative hearings and related forums about matters of interest and concern to its members.

“Stay informed; Get Involved” is PGPOA’s motto. and Prince George's Property Owners Association, Inc. 


We stand ready to serve the community's owners and tenants of single and multi-family rental housing in Prince George's County, Maryland, in particular, College Park. Our goal is to promote safe off-campus housing with an appealing location and value to tenants.


PGPOA, P.O. Box 1652, College Park, Maryland  20741
Phone: (410) 680 2868


Want to get more involved? Consider joining PGPOA’s Board for a year.
Give Lisa Miller a call to discuss – 301-704-1342 

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