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Rent Control

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Lead Paint Issues

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2011 General Maryland State Legislative Summary

The lead bill, House Bill 1033, passed. It requires that, as of Jan 1, 2012, dust tests will be the only method permitted to satisfy the full risk reduction standard - not the ten-steps and Visual Inspection. Further, for the modified risk reduction standard (after receiving notice of an EBL from 10 to 14 mg/dL of blood for a person at risk occupying the property, or a notice of defect in the property), BOTH the 10-steps and lead dust tests must be performed to meet the standard. Increased enforcement powers
are given to MDE. A summer study will be conducted by MDE to review the entire lead statute, including the possibility of applying lead remedies to homeowners, noncompliant owners, and owners of rental units built between 1950 and 1978. (POA-Maryland is one of the parties to be consulted in the study.)

As of this writing, the Governor has not yet signed the bill, but we expect him to. Here is the
link to the bill:

Senate Bill 620 (Real Property - Retaliatory Actions - Landlords and Mobile Home Park Owners) passed and is awaiting the Governor's signature. It is the result of hours of negotiation with the Public Justice Center. The bill expands protected tenant activity, and gives tenants a cause of action against the property owner for civil damages (capped at the equivalent of
3-months' rent plus attorneys fees and costs) in the event a court finds the actions of the property owner are retaliatory. The standard for proving such claims have been loosened. Here is the link:

No bill passed affecting the interest paid on security deposits.

The bills (HB 928, HB 902 & SB 643) seeking to create "source of income" as a new protected class in Maryland's anti-discrimination law all failed or were withdrawn. (These bills would have required property owners to include in our minimum income calculations the value of Section 8 and other rent subsidy vouchers- and to participate in those programs.)

The bill (HB 179) requiring apartments of 10-units or more to engage in mandatory recycling failed.

HB 621 passed and, if signed by the Governor, will require owners of high rise buildings to send occupants annual notices advising tenants that, when an apartment on a lower floor becomes available, the mobility-impaired tenants are entitled to get a lower floor unit.

HB 849 passed and requires smoke detectors & alarms for the hard-of-hearing to conform to fire marshall regulations.

HB 1254 passed, and if signed by the Governor, will allow MDE to stagger throughout the year the dates for annual registration of affected units under the lead law.

A number of other bills passed (and failed!), but these are the highlights. and Prince George's Property Owners Association, Inc. 


We stand ready to serve the community's owners and tenants of single and multi-family rental housing in Prince George's County, Maryland, in particular, College Park. Our goal is to promote safe off-campus housing with an appealing location and value to tenants.


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